Pd Lighting & Accessories - the experts

With over 15 years experience at supplying commercial and inductrial lighting equipment, including out own HiLux® brand, we know a thing or two about lighting.

Where are we?

Pd Lighting and Accessories is based in the heart of the UK in Draycott in Derbyshire, perfectly located to supply demand from all parts of the UK.

What we do

We supply lighting and accessories from all the major brands, we also offer a full and wide range of lamps which we can supply with the fitting of your choice - a real one-stop-shop for whatever your needs may be. Add to this our flexible and intelligent approach to manufacturing - like our fitting service for accessories enabling us to add additional features (like photo electric cells and PIRs) and you can see why we are the natural choice for anyone wanting the best products, service and price in lighting.

We also offer a Refurbishment service which is designed to dramatically reduce the cost of lighting when compared to buying new units. It is a fact than many old lighting units don’t need to be replaced and can be refreshed simply and ecconomically for much less than you expect. It’s this kind of commitment to our market that makes us stand out from the rest.

Helping you reduce running costs

Another thing we are good at at Pd Lighting and Accessories is helping busineses reduce their lighting running costs. Using out spcialist knowledge, our technical ability and our manufacturing flexibility we can reduce your lighting costs in nearly every case. And, as energy prices contiue to rise year on year, it’s the kind of service that you would be crazy not to enquire about.

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